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Carolyn Lewis' Bio

I am interested, curious and passionate about the amazing abilities of our bodies. Even during the challenging times, I found that my pregnancies and births were transforming and rewarding experiences. Following the birth of my son (1988) and daughter (1991) I began learning all I could about labor and birth and have attended about one hundred births over the years, supporting women and their partners through this miraculous process.

I am certified as a childbirth educator through CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) and in the Mongan method of HypnoBirthing™ I have learned about birthing and hypnosis through many, many different mentors over the years. The Hypnosis for Birth classes I teach today are my own blend of hypnosis and related techniques. Through the feedback I have received from hundreds of parents, I have refined these techniques and I believe they are the best. They are easily individualized and they help in all areas of life's challenges, not just in birthing.

In my work at Wellspring Hypnotherapy and EFT Center, I help people resolve many different sorts of problems, from smoking cessation to fear of flying. However, one of my greatest joys comes through sharing tools that will open new doors for parents who seek a positive birthing experience.