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I (Carolyn Lewis) am available to work with groups of any size in a variety of capacities and on a variety of topics. Almost any group can benefit from a presentation that gives simple, specific theory and techniques to help activate the latent power of the mind.


I offer short or longer presentation options for your conference. These presentations include an option of a “take home” auditory CD for each participant. I have spoken to large groups at conferences such as Women in Higher Education, the Vermont Dental Team Annual Meeting and Champlain College Wellness Symposiums. These presentations are informational as well as experiential and are popular because they are both entertaining and practical. Participants have contacted me weeks and even months after these presentations to comment on the ongoing benefits of the presentation.


I am also available to do training presentations for any group who may want to use some of these techniques in their work. I have done workshops for doctors, nurses and other medical personnel, teachers and mental health professionals. I generally meet with an individual from the group before designing the workshop to meet the specific goals of the group.


Some companies, schools and groups are looking for ways to help their members be healthier, happier or more successful. Hypnotherapy groups are a wonderful way to assist with issues like weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management, study skills and test taking, sales confidence and motivation. I have offered small and large group programs in a variety of settings and time frames. These programs may be one or several sessions and may be supplemented by individual sessions in some cases. I am happy to speak with you about the best way to meet the needs of your group in an enjoyable and affordable structure.

I am available to work with your group on a variety of issues. Weight loss, smoking cessation, fear of flying, stress reduction, and enhancing sales or productivity are just a few of the possibilities. Some of these lend themselves well to group sessions, others can be more effectively addressed with private sessions.

Often, I will do a two hour group introduction to the program and follow up with individual sessions, either on site or at my office. Please call, or e-mail me for more details and a cost estimate to meet your group’s needs.