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My standard rate is $70/hour. Longer sessions generally produce better results. Some people get the help they need in a single session. Generally, it is helpful to come for 2-3 sessions to maximize your results.

For most issues, I recommend a three session package. We begin with a 2.5 hour session, diving in and moving towards change as quickly as possible. The 2.5 hour session is a fascinating, comprehensive experience that will provide a jump-start in making the desired changes. The session includes: an in depth discussion of your problem; a session in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to help shift and release some of the old “stuck” patterns, and pave the way for a deeper hypnotherapy session; a personalized hypnotherapy recording for use at home. We follow up with two 2 hour sessions to continue deepening and integrating the new feelings and behaviors.

   ONE SESSION SPECIAL: 2.5 hours for only $150 includes a personalized recording.

FOCUS PACKAGE: $390 (value $455)
Number of Sessions: 3
Session Length: Begin with a 2.5 hour session and follow up with two 2 hour sessions.
Description: An excellent choice for someone who wants to dive in and focus on positive change with good hypnotherapy support.

If you would like to move a little more slowly through the process, you may wish to begin with a 1.5 or 2 hour session, to "test the waters". $70/hour.
Most people schedule follow up sessions to support the desired changes.

If you are not sure if hypnotherapy is for you, or if you would like to meet me in person before scheduling a hypnotherapy session, a consultation may be a good choice. Office consultations are $70.00 for 1 hour. Free consultations are available by phone.

Reduced Rates
Though hypnotherapy is generally a short-term therapy (i.e 2-10 sessions) for any given issue, occasionally, a greater number of sessions will be needed to obtain the desired results. Other times people choose additional sessions for their own personal reasons. Once they have experienced the delightful benefits of hypnotherapy, some continue to use it to help stay focused on goals or balance in their lives, or for regular therapeutic relaxation (like a massage for the mind!) For ongoing clients, using regular hypnotherapy sessions for personal growth or therapeutic relaxation, a reduced rate is available.
I also have a sliding fee scale available. Please request information about this before coming in for your appointment.

Maximize Your Results
In our first session we will usually do a hypnotherapy session, which will be recorded (CD, mp3 or your personal device) for you to listen to at home. The session is “one way” (i.e. you will not be responding verbally) so it will be only my voice on the recording. I will be guiding you into a pleasant relaxed state of hypnosis, and then offering suggestions in the form of words, images metaphors and/or “mental rehearsal” of the desired change. You can maximize your results by setting aside time to listen to this recording (not while driving please).

Sessions can be scheduled by phone (802-872-0089) or you may e-mail me from this website. You should hear back from me that same day, or the next. When calling, you will often get an answering machine, as I am not available to answer the phone when I am in session. I will return your call as soon as possible.

Smoking Cessation
Hypnosis and the Emotional Freedom Techniques are a powerful combination that have helped many people become nonsmokers. However, the most important element in successfully quitting smoking (or chewing) is the determination and readiness of the individual. You need to be clear that you want to stop smoking for yourself, not for your doctor, your partner or anyone else. There needs to be a commitment to using the tools you will learn, not just a desire to come into my office to be “zapped”.

Because I want you to succeed, I require a consultation first, with no obligations, for everyone who wishes to consider using my services to quit smoking or chewing tobacco. During this consultation, we will discuss your motivation and readiness to quit. I will teach you the Emotional Freedom Techniques and we will assess how useful it will be to you. We will also do a “mini” hypnosis session. Many people find that by using the tools learned in this first consultation, they are successfully and comfortably able to decrease their smoking or chewing before they even come in for their first full-length session. Do not smoke (or chew) for 4 or more hours before coming in for this consultation. If you do this, it allows you to "test drive" the hypnosis and EFT techniques more thoroughly. As everyone has different levels of responsiveness to hypnosis, coming in with strong tobacco cravings will give you a realistic idea of how well the techniques will work for you when you quit smoking.

The consultation fee for smoking cessation is $100.00 for 1.5-2 hours. If we agree to work together, we will set up three sessions. The sessions will take place over the course of one or two weeks. The cost for all three sessions is $360.00.
For most people, these three sessions are all that is needed to become comfortably, confidently tobacco free. I recommend continuing to use the recordings at home on a daily basis, for 2-3 months to reinforce the changes and make them permanent. Occasional listening after that is relaxing and reinforcing. Occasionally, more support is needed. If this is this case, we will discuss a plan that gives the necessary support to become and remain a nonsmoker.

Pregnancy & Birth
For information and rates on pregnancy and birth services please visit the Wellspring Pregnancy & Birth page.

Phone Sessions
Phone sessions with Carolyn are effective and convenient. When travel time or personal schedule pose challenges, phone sessions give you greater flexibility and freedom. The cost for a single phone session ranges from $100-$150, depending on length, including recordings. The cost for a three session series, including recordings, is $390.

For information about phone sessions visit the phone sessions page.

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