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Many people are familiar, and perhaps intimidated by the antics performed by people when hypnotized as part of a stage show. People often wonder if they could be made to do strange or embarrassing things as a result of hypnosis. The answer is emphatically no!

Every individual has his or her own personal boundaries and those boundaries shift and change in different situations (e.g. you might yell loudly at a baseball game, but not during an intimate dinner in a candlelit restaurant). People participating in stage shows volunteer because they wish to have fun doing silly things. Their personal boundaries are broader than they might be in everyday life, and they enjoy this freedom. They are funny and free to access the resources and creativity of their subconscious mind to draw on subtle details, that allow them to impersonate singers or experience other situations with remarkable vividness, much more so than if they tried to do the same thing using a logical, analytical approach.

However, if suggestions are given that are outside their personal boundaries, they will simply cease to follow the hypnotist’s suggestions, or they will come out of hypnosis. A person in hypnosis is in control at all times and can easily come out of hypnosis at any time, for any reason. If you choose to use hypnosis for positive personal change, your mind will only accept those suggestions that are compatible with your beliefs and ethics.