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Here you can find stories of individuals who used hypnosis to tackle a specific concern. In each instance the identity of the person has been protected to ensure confidentiality.

Smoking Cessation:

"Dave" was a very motivated client, who used the tools well. He was naturally responsive to both EFT and hypnosis. He and his wife were pleased with how easy the whole process was, and how many beneficial "side effects" Dave experienced. His wife, who had anticipated Dave would be tense and stressed during the process of quitting, was especially pleased. She found that instead of being tense and grouchy, Dave was more relaxed, positive and upbeat, due to the natural stress reduction of hypnosis and the good feelings about being a successful non-smoker.
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Freedom from Insomnia:

"Diane" had just moved to Vermont for a new job. She called me, asking for help in sleeping, because she was waking up every morning at 5:30 am. She was extremely anxious about the fact that she just couldn’t function with the sleep deprivation she was experiencing. She even wondered aloud if she would be able to stay in Vermont if the problem continued.
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Freedom from Fears:

"Sandra" called me because she needed help with her anxieties about flying. In her words, she felt "terrorized" every time she had to get on a plane. Not only did this affect her during the actual flight, but the problems began 24-48 hours before she was to fly. She slept fitfully or not at all on the night before the flight, and after arriving at her destination was exhausted and drained.
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Eliminating Unwanted Habits:

"Jack" called me for help with biting his fingernails. He was extremely self-conscious about the appearance of his hands and found that much of the time he was biting his nails he was not even aware of it. His story is brief because he experienced a "one session wonder".
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Positive Eating and Body Image:

"I have learned how to communicate with my subconscious mind, which has helped me with accomplishing goals in other areas of my life. I love my hypnosis tapes and will probably continue to listen to them even though I’ve met my goals. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who wants to learn a new approach to weight loss that is gentle and loving."
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Confidence in Public Speaking:

“Thomas” suffered with dry mouth, shaky voice and sweating when giving presentations. This was causing his job to be unduly stressful and he wanted help! 
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Pregnancy and Birth:

"Our baby boy was born at eight thirty, just five and a half hours after we arrived at the hospital. He weighed eight pounds eleven ounces and was beautiful. I had stayed calm and in control of my birth experience. There had been no episiotomy, no epidural, hardly any medical personnel and throughout my labor the room had been calm, quiet, and loving. I felt like I could climb K2. I want you to know that not only did I come through the personally difficult task of creating a safe, calm birth, but my birth rocked!!!!"
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Medical Support:

"Frances" came to me to see if hypnosis could help her reduce the severity of her lupus symptoms. Lupus is an auto-immune disorder in which the immune system attacks the body’s own tissues. In Frances’ case, her joints were severely affected. When I contacted her a year and a half later, she said that hypnosis had proved to be a real turning point for her and the improvements had continued.
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Sports Enhancement:

“Sam” was a college basketball player whose game was frustratingly inconsistent. His hypnosis sessions helped him to anchor a calm, focused intensity that resulted in greater consistency and success in his game.
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Personal Growth:

“Bill” came to me for a few private sessions 6 years after taking a Hypnosis for Birth class with his wife before the birth of their first child. During the course of the classes, he and his wife both commented on how much more relaxed he had become about many things since he started using the CD’s at night in preparation for the upcoming birth. After the class was over and their baby born, Bill continued to use many of the techniques to help him deal with the challenges of a demanding job and a child (with a second baby born 3 years later).
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If you don't see a story here that addresses your particular concern or issue, please feel free to call me at (802) 872-0089 or you can send me e-mail by clicking here.

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