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Benefits of Hypnosis for Birth
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Benefits of Hypnosis for Birth

How Can Hypnosis for Birth Enhance My Pregnancy?

Deep relaxation creates equilibrium in both physical and emotional systems.

Specific techniques can reduce or eliminate “morning sickness” and other discomforts or challenges of pregnancy.

Fears and anxieties can be reduced or resolved through hypnosis.

Visualization of your baby in the dreamy, creative state of hypnosis can dramatically enhance yours and your partner’s connection to your baby.

How Can Hypnosis for Birth Enhance a Birth?

Deep relaxation significantly reduces the perception of pain.

Specific suggestions used before and during birth help you to create your own natural anesthesia.

Deep relaxation often allows labor to progress more quickly because there is so little muscular resistance.

Suggestions used in sessions before and during birth help create deep levels of confidence and trust, which allow you to follow your body’s natural process.

Deep relaxation allows you to conserve energy to feel better after birth.


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